Monday, October 26, 2009

Weight Loss Shakes Vs Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Global Issue

Weight loss is a continuously issue in many countries. They are also the big headache for many countries. Some countries have over population of overweight or obese people. Nevertheless, the government and the medical body especially not stopping their steps for retrieving the right way to cure obese problems.

Weight Loss Shakes - Good Diet Food

In conjunction with the ambition and motive of government on curing weight loss, here comes many weight loss products to the market. More and more wight loss supplements come into the picture. One of the best and which I think is a good diet food is Weight Loss Shakes.

What is Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight loss shakes are kind of diet food, like I mentioned earlier. There are kind of protein drinks or protein shakes for weight loss. Some people called weight loss shakes as weight loss protein shakes or weight loss meal replacement shakes. The reason is very simple, because weight loss shakes contain 85% of protein as ingredient. They are kind of skimmed milk form protein drinks that used for substituting your normal daily meal. Weight loss shakes or weight loss protein shakes normally used to substituting your lunch or dinner. The drinks contained low calories which good for dieters. Thus the drinks also contained nutrients and health value that good for health. These weight loss shakes or protein shakes for weight loss are inter-related. Without weight loss shakes, you might delay the process of getting desired weight loss results.

Types of Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes or weight loss meal replacement shakes are varieties. However most of them are centered protein. Meanwhile these weight loss shakes are offered in different form or structure. Some was in powder and some in ready package drinks. Nevertheless, people loved weight loss shakes in powder form. Generally powder form of weight loss shakes are offered in tin package or convenient pack. White color loves convenient pack of weight loss shakes as they can prepare their meal replacement drink anytime anywhere they like. Weight loss shakes or protein shakes for weight loss are interesting. They are offered in different flavors. You can get weight loss shakes in strawberry, French Vanilla, dark chocolate and cappuccino flavors. Nonetheless, you can get weight loss shakes or weight loss protein shakes in original flavor like whey protein shakes. The shakes have been developed to meet the demand and market requirements. More and more option recommended in the market for the choice of consumer.

How to prepare weight loss shakes?

Weight loss shakes are easy to prepare and easy to serve. What you need to do is get ready the shakes powder, shaker and plain water. Generally a packet of weight loss shakes powder is about 30g. Pour about 30ml plain water inside your shaker, add the powder, ans shake it. The drink is best served immediately after the shakes ready. Don't leave the shakes left on more than 10 minutes. Most of the time, people served weight loss shakes without inserting other ingredients. Nevertheless, it is better to serve in that way, which produce you better results. However, some people love to add other ingredients inside like fruits and milk. Actually, you are aloud to add those items as long as they met three below requirements:
  • low calories
  • low fat
  • low sugar and sodium

Are weight loss shakes effective for weight loss?

Weight loss shakes or weight loss protein shakes are traditionally recognized as important for weight loss. In fact I'm the one that beneficial from weight loss shakes. Weight loss shakes containing low calories, for example, one packet of 20g weight loss shakes powder only contain about 44-80 Kcal, which much lower than normal food. Generally a medium sized apple itself already contain 55 kcal. As such, weight loss shakes help to cut down the calories intake for your body. Once your daily calories intake has been reduced, your body will get fats from your body to burn for producing the energy to cater for your daily activities. This is because of your body need extra energy for daily activities. Thus once the fat burned, then it helps for slowly cut down your body fat. This is how the weight loss shakes work.

Homemade weight loss shakes

You got two ways to get weight loss shakes or weight loss protein shakes. One is the most convenient way, which you purchase it from any fitness stores. But it required high budget and this is only applicable for those whom afford to pay. Second way is you can prepare your own weight loss shakes. Homemade protein shakes and weight loss shakes are easily prepare if you know the ingredients. Non-fat milk, grain, wheat germ, fresh fruits are those ingredients that you can use to prepare your weight loss shakes. What you need to do is just, put them together and blend it inside a blender. You are aloud to add some fresh and low fat yogurt to add its flavor and taste. However, sugar and honey is strongly prohibited. Besides, no chocolates chips and other flavoring allowed. You must centered fresh ingredients.

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