Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 Types of Nutritional Weight Loss Shakes

Do you take any weight loss shakes before? I like to ask people this question. However, my answer always didn’t really meet what I’m expected. It proves that many people still doubt what are the real content for weight loss shakes is.

Weight loss shakes is a kind of meal replacement shakes used for substituting your daily normal meal. Weight loss shakes same like other beverages, exist in many variety like weight loss protein shakes, fruity protein shakes, farm best protein shakes etc. Recently in the weight loss market many weight loss shakes are designed for women, these protein shakes for weight loss are tailored made base on women’s taste, preferences, convenient and also frequency for drink. Besides, complete series of homemade weight loss shakes recipes also been introduced in the market.

Main ingredients for these weight loss protein shakes are soy powder. This powder has been recognized high in protein which good for muscle building. One thing I should emphasis here is throughout weight loss process, protein ease for muscle building while cutting down fat from your body. Side ingredients for this weight loss meal replacement shakes can be divided into two categories, which includes of chemical slimming agents and fresh ingredients. Chemical slimming agents are referring to those fat eliminators like lecithin, L-carnite, inositol etc. Whereas for fresh ingredients like fresh fruit purees, vanilla essence, vegetables and coffee powders. Many homemade weight loss shakes has include others nutritional ingredients like oat and wheat germ, which good for lowering cholesterol and body detoxification.

For recommending more ways of preparing weight loss shakes, enclosed please find three classic homemade weight loss protein shakes which not only good in taste but useful for weight loss and health.

Mocha weight loss shakes
- 1 cup hot water
- 1 chocolate shake
- ½ cup coffee
Pour hot water into thick coffee essence; stir till heat slowly goes off. Then mix the coffee with chocolate shake, shake the liquid mixture inside a shaker and enjoy the drinks.

Vanilla Cappuccino Weight Loss Protein Shakes (with cinnamon aroma)
- 1 cup hot water
- 1 vanilla shake
- ½ cup coffee
- Sugar substitute
- Cinnamon
Pour hot water into thick coffee essence; insert few pieces of cinnamon stick, stir till heat slowly goes off. Take out the cinnamon stick once you can smell the aroma of cinnamon. Then mix the cinnamon coffee with vanilla shake and sugar substitute, shake the liquid mixture inside a shaker and serve it hot.

Vanilla Cream soda weight loss shakes
- 1 can diet cream soda
- 1 vanilla shake
- Creams isle
- 1 can diet orange soda
- 4 ice cubes
Mix up diet cream soda and orange diet soda, and then insert the mixture with vanilla shake. Pour this shakes into a shaker, insert few ice cubes, and then shake it. This shakes are served in cool. This protein shakes also can be considered as one of the best protein shakes on hot season.

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